Friday, March 8, 2013

DaPink Report present: 10 STEPS HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN PORN


You’ve been to the adult section of the video store over and over again and you’ve masturbated to all of them? You’ve been on the best porn sites the web has to offer and still you are unsatisfied? What if you could skip all the bad porn movies and masturbate to something that is bound to get you off in no time? What if you could find porn that satisfied every need you have? What if your prowess in bed could finally be recognized? That time has come. It’s time for you to make your own porn.

Nobody knows you better than you do, so who better to make your favorite porn than yourself? You know what you want, like and fantasize about and if all of these are wrapped into a nice little porn package, then odds are it will be the best porn you have ever seen and fapped to.

I know you’ve been dreaming of showing your cock on the big screen like the big boys do and everyone knows that working in porn is a shared fantasy for many men so what are you waiting for? Now everyone with a hard on and a Best Buy card can be a porn star. It’s easy, fun and oh so naughty. All that’s left now is to convince your partner to share this experience with you. If you’re single, you can still make your own porn but your fucking a pie might be a little less interesting than fucking a nice juicy pussy.


If you have a girlfriend then this step becomes CONVINCE YOUR PARTNER TO MAKE A PORN. Easy, tell her you want to explore hers and your fantasies and that making a porn movie is an excellent way of doing it. Tell her you aim to please her in every possible way and you would love to get better in the sac but for that you need to see yourself in order to improve. Want to make sure she agrees? Tell her that she is the only woman in the world that turns you on and that no porn will ever do that. She is the only one you want to see and that if you two do porn together you will never need to watch another porn movie again. Ok, it might be a load of bullshit but it will get her to agree to this awesome adventure. If however you are single the task might be a little tougher. You not only need to find a suitable partner, you need to convince them of shooting a porno. You can pay for a girl but all this depends on your budget for creating your movie.


First things first you need equipment. If you don’t have it you can either buy it or rent it depending on your budget. If this is a one-time thing then I would have to say renting is the way to go. It will cost you about 200$ to rent a professional HD camera and a tri-pod for one day. If however you want to make a few porn videos, I suggest you buy an HD cam (about 400$) and a tripod which is about 50$ on eBay. Or you can even get a really good HD webcam and use a computer screen as your guide. You want an HD camera because you will probably not be shooting in broad daylight and you don’t want unfriendly pixels to ruin the awesome porno you are about to make.


Lighting is everything. Great lighting makes all the difference. Do you want your girl’s glorious ass to shine? Do you want her to feel like a super model? Do you want every nook and cranny to look awesome? Then the right lighting will definitely be your best friend. I suggest a C-light, or “cooch light” in order to get some good hard-core crotch action. If you can’t afford that then you can go to the local hardware store and get at least two fluorescent boxes (approx. 40$) and some daylight fluorescents (approx. 14$ for two) to put in those boxes. Find a way to attach them to tripods so you can maneuver the lights to your liking.


Get inspired. Get ideas from other porn movies or from the internet. Are you a pizza delivery man? Or maybe you prefer to be a repairman? Are you a fire fighter? Ask your woman to help you with this part (women are good at making stuff up) , because we all know all you want is the sex scene but if you take the time to prepare a little scenario it will make your girl happy and will implicate her in this project too. If she feels involved she might even want to make another one.


Find a cool place away from public eyes (unless that’s what you both want). Find somewhere where you won’t be disturbed and where you can set up your equipment and not be in a hurry to dismantle everything once it’s done. Find somewhere comfortable and with nice d├ęcor. A hotel room, a cottage with fire place, a locked room in your house, whatever your heart desires and your wallet can afford.


This is one of the easiest steps so I’ll skip over it quickly. Light a few candles here and there, maybe rent a spa, some rose petals (to get your lady in the mood) Champagne, red wine, strawberry’s (you need snacks to refill your energy) bottles of water (you will be losing a lot of bodily fluids and need to be prepared) and a nice bed. Or maybe your porno takes place in a bathroom? Make sure the bathroom is nice looking and the shower is big enough for two. Don’t forget to prepare an awesome sexy playlist in advance. There are many of them on the internet or you can make your own and choose what is right for you.


Super simple, for you guys, a little longer for the ladies! Guys, you need to shave, wash and I don’t mean the “I’m in a hurry and don’t give a crap wash”, I’m talking about the wash every part of your body in detail kind of wash. Your woman might get so excited she will lick and touch places she never has before so make sure you’re ready for it and that she will like it. You get my drift? Ladies, you’re going to be the star of your own porn movie so clean up and make yourselves extra pretty. Get a tan a few days before (your skin will look fabulous) and make sure you take the time you need to make yourself look like a million bucks. Open up some wine and enjoy the moment. There is a supermodel in all of us and this is definitely the time she needs to come out.


The enticing moment has finally come and I know all of you are super excited and some of you super nervous. Don’t be nervous. Only you will see this porno and the editing will make it all good. Now if you want to do this the right way you need to find a trustworthy cameraman (or woman). It will be easier and will let you get in the mood and stay in the mood. Make sure you brief him (or her) beforehand on your needs and what you want. If you prefer without a cameraman this is where the tripod comes into play. Make sure that you rent a flip screen camera so you can see your prowess while you perform. Put some music in the background. Start by shooting your girl and making her feel great about herself. Tell her how beautiful she is and how you want her to open up her legs and show you her unbelievable pussy. Tell her to touch herself. Make her look great on cam by choosing the right angles and making great close ups. You’re the producer, act like it. Start by shooting her, all of her. Get her to strip for you and to look at you. Keep the camera in your hand and touch her to make her wet. Once all the fondling is done and you guys are ready, stick that camera on a tripod (with a previously chosen angle) and let the fucking begin. Change angle a few times. Don’t forget to hand hold the camera a few times and make sure you have it on when she orgasms so you can see how your huge hard cock takes her to bliss. You know what you want out of your own porn so think about what you want to see and shoot it.


Editing is an art. You need to make sure you only keep the good stuff. Throw away out takes, long moments were nothing really happens and ALWAYS make sure you edit out the parts where your girl isn’t at her best. (If you don’t she won’t watch it more than once, and will never want to be in another porn in her life)Take notes on what worked and what to avoid so your 2nd porn will be even better. You need to find yourself an uncomplicated video editing program. If you are a true beginner I suggest you stick with windows movie maker (pc) or imovie (mac). If you are totally clueless as to how to go about it you can find easy tutorials on YouTube to help you understand the program you are using. Unless you’re completely brainless you will figure it out. If my grandmother can make her own movies, so you can.


Once you edited and removed the awkward moments, unflattering angles and kept only the good stuff you’re ready to watch your work of art on your huge flat screen tv. You’ll thank me later for telling you to use HD So sit down relax and masturbate to your brilliant love making skills.

Hope you enjoyed creating your own porn in these 10 simple steps. If you do not want to take the time to go through all these steps and still have your own home porn, some private and specialized firms do offer this kind of service. Remember to make sure they are legit, have a good reputation, are discrete (you wouldn’t want your neighbors to see them coming in with loads of professional lighting and cameras) and trustworthy before signing on. So whether your porn is for your own personal pleasure or for the web, these 10 steps on how to make a porn movie will help you organise and prepare you to go from lousy amateur to internet porn super star.

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